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Have you considered rushing a business fraternity? Well you should. It might just change your college career for the better.


We encourage anyone interested in Delta Sigma Pi to fill out our interest form by scanning the QR code to the right. You'll be the first to know about Recruitment dates, expectations, and events!



Fall 2023

  • What is Delta Sigma Pi?
    DSP is a co-ed business fraternity with all the fun of a social fraternity, but we also focus on furthering ourselves professionally.
  • What are some things that DSP does?
    We host professional, fundraising, and brother bonding events. Professional events include networking events, resume workshops, as well as guest speakers. We run a Golf Outing, "Hopes for Hope" basketball tournament, and 5k Run/Walk annually as fundraisers and philanthropy events. We also focus on brother bonding. As brothers, we participate in community service together as well as attend national conferences like LEAD and Grand Chapter Congress.
  • What are the requirements to rush DSP?
    - Must have a 3.00 Minimum GPA - Must be a freshman, sophomore, or first semester junior - Must be a business or economics major - Must attend one recruitment session as well as other rush events
  • What is the rush process like?
    Rushing Delta Sigma Pi consists of two Information Sessions where potential new members can hear about the organization and speak with brothers. After this you will attend other events sponsered by the Fraternity in order to get to know brothers and understand our philanthropy and our values. If you have fulfilled the required attendance at Rush Events you will be invited to sign up for an interview!
  • What is the interview like?
    The interview is a professional interview, so treat it like you would a job interview and come dressed in business professional. If you do not have business professional clothing, reach out to our Senior Vice President, Garrett Clark, and let him know. For the interview you will prepare a resume (bring at least 4 copies), as well as a short PowerPoint about yourself, delivered from your laptop or tablet. During the interview you will present your PowerPoint and the brothers will ask you some questions to get to know you better. The interview should last about 20 minutes.
  • If I am invited to pledge DSP, what is the time committment?"
    If you do receive an invitation to pledge DSP, plan on attending weekly meetings for most of the semester. Many brothers sugguest you treat it like you would a sixth class in terms of your time commitment and dedication.
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