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Staying in Touch with Brothers During a Co-Op

-Liz Cartier, Alpha Mu

By January of next year, I’ll be working with Bimbo Bakeries for an entire semester as their Marketing Intern! Staying active on-campus in other extracurriculars and working a full time job can be difficult, but it also presents itself as an exciting opportunity for me to navigate my time and honor certain friendships I’ve created through DSP. Here’s a few ways that I look forward to maintaining my dream schedule while spending time with friends and family.

One advantage of working with Bimbo Bakeries as a co-op major is that I get to work alongside another brother who will be interning for a different brand. Relating to someone who knows the company and knowing that I can interact with another brother in a professional setting is super exciting. Apart from the traditional 9-5 hour day, I’ll have enough time to go to the gym, get some coffee at Starbucks with some bros during my lunch break, and attend events after work like recruitment week, service and professional events, and so many more! There’s a lot more flexibility with a work week than you realize sometimes, and I find that when I stick to a schedule, I am able to find the benefits of having free time at parts of the day to spend with myself and others.

For any other co-op students that might feel intimidated by balancing a co-op placement and extracurriculars, my best advice is approach these responsibilities as moments to explore your identity while having fun with the group around you. Being a co-op student and a brother is an incredibly rewarding experience because there are so many brothers who have co-op placements that you feel inspired by and they always strive to be their best selves. Being around people who work hard, challenges you to do the same. In all avenues of your work, personal, and social lives, remember to enjoy each moment and have fun in this process!

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