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Emma Gugliemini's Experience Rushing DSP!

Hi everyone! My name is Emma Gugliemini and I am the Zeta Pi Chapter’s Senior Vice President. I am so excited to serve in this position this year! I wanted to touch upon my personal experience when I rushed my freshman year, and what I’ve learned.

When I arrived at Saint Joe’s, I was overwhelmed by the amount of organizations offered to students. I remember meeting brothers of Delta Sigma Pi at the activities fair, and right away I felt a sense of home - I knew I needed to join this amazing group of individuals. Everyone I spoke to throughout the recruitment process was so kind and engaging. I was also very inspired by the professional experiences and opportunities throughout the organization - so many brothers had impressive internships at the Big 4, Kellogg's, Target, QVC, and more! Through the recruitment process, I also learned about how to develop a professional resume and received advice from older brothers!

Ultimately, going through the recruitment process not only helped me grow professionally, but also helped me meet some of my best friends and mentors at college. I am so lucky to have developed such strong relationships with motivating and inspiring individuals.

If you’re considering rushing the Zeta Pi chapter of Delta Sigma Pi, take this as your sign to come out and meet our brothers! This community is so special - arguably one of the closest and inspiring groups of people at SJU. Thank you for reading!

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